Saturday, January 26, 2013

Drip Painting.

 Holton Rower did an awesome art project that has inspired some preschool teachers to try out "tall painting." I got the idea from Teacher Tom's blog. What happens in Rower's artwork is that different colors of paint are poured repeatedly in layers over a tall wooden piece. His artwork is quite large. After finding a pile of throw away wood at a construction site, I thought we should make a go of it.

 I decided to use ketchup bottles instead of pouring it. 

The finished wet product was pretty awesome looking. 

The finished dry product was, well, just a black block. Using only tempera paint is obviously NOT the key to this project. 

Did we consider it a failure because they dried looking awful? 
Of course not. 

Because we learned about cause and effect, gravity, color mixing, texture, and more. We used our creativity and imagined blueberry castles and rainbow rockets, ice cream volcanoes and strawberry mountains. 

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