Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who Needs Technology?

Technology: Grand Central Station Set Up

My mom kept telling me, "When I taught preschool, the technology center was the most popular one we set up all year!" So, around February, when we were studying a bit of communication, I finally started pulling out my broken laptops, telephones, cameras, and even an old printer. "Who knows?" I thought, "Perhaps they'll become journalists!"

Two weeks later I called my mom up, "Well", I said, "you were right about that technology center being popular. Everyone wants to go there" She seemed pleased as punch, but I went on to explain that it wasn't exactly how she had described it.

You see, after the initial excitement, my students had very little notice of my broken equipment. They had, however, someone developed a great interest in paper and markers... something that they didn't seem to realize has always been available. I couldn't pass by without cocking my head in amazement, chuckling to myself, and snapping a couple of more pictures. It went on like this for at least a couple of weeks.

See here for yourself:
Using the white boards- ignoring the telephones

The old laptop is closed up for a writing surface. 

The printer provides another flat spot for writing.

Using the printer as a fax machine. "Look! I'm sending an e-mail!" 

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