Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is Teaching.

Contrary to what this blog may seem, I spend a fair portion of my day doing guided reading or small group math or journals with my students. We follow the common core standards. 

Today though, 9.5 days until summer, when I gave up and decided to have fun, I wondered why we aren't doing this every day. I mean, I really really wish this is how I spent my days. 

Two of my fellow teachers keep their sensory tables in the hallway, so I snatched them... along with my own, for a full outdoor sensory experience. Six kids went outside with me, and I was in one of those completely UN-frustrating moments when I truly was loving every single thing about my job. 

Sensory Table #1: Water bead gel & water

Sensory Table #2: Green sand & water.

Sensory Table #3: Water with funnel rack and pipes

I recently got this gutter for my ramps and pathways center. They loved it even more with water.

The only way they could figure out how to get the sea animals down though was to push them. Pouring water didn't seem to be a strong enough force. 

Oh hey, add some slimy water bead/gel to the animals before you pour the water, and it will slide right on down! Lesson in friction and weight? You bet!

Even filling a bottle with sea animals holds so many lessons. These are the things they don't even realize they are thinking! ha ha.

Spatial Skills: "Why do some fit in the opening and some don't?"
Problem Solving: "What happens if I turn it this way instead of the other way? Will it fit then?"
Science: "Where do they go when I drop them in there? Hmm... they sink to the bottom."
Science: "Look, the more I put in the bottle the higher the water gets. when I fit all of the animals in, the water overflows and spills out." 

Why did I love it so much? Because I hate trying to tell them what to learn. They figure it out for themselves pretty well!

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