Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Drip Painting

Last year we did drip painting on wooden blocks. We made the mistake of using black as one of the colors and using fairly dark colors. The whole project dried into a bunch of black blocks. 

This year, I added lots of white with only the primary colors, hoping for better results. I let one of my students try it on a pumpkin. He needed some help with his colors, so I sat and narrated, 'You have the red bottle now. You used a lot of red. The red is dripping. Oh, now you picked the yellow paint. You poured the yellow on the pumpkin, too." 
Just getting started. At first he used very small drips and then got more into it as he progressed. 

It was neat the way it pooled around the stem for awhile and then eventually flooded over. I also had the idea of doing this in the outdoor classroom right over the water drainage making it the mess a zero issue, which was great. 

And the finished product really turned out looking neat! Of course, it's all about the process but a fun looking end never hurts. 

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