Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Craft

Christmas is a time when we all pull out a few more craft projects than usual. After all, you can't grow up without at least one kindergarten ornament hanging from the tree. 

Here are the two projects we did this year in kindergarten: 

Invitation to decorate your own construction paper tree
-using glue with buttons, sequins, stars, etc. 

Invitation to Make a Wreath
-using green tissue paper and red circles
I put the glue in cups and let them use Q-tips to smear it on. Of course, a picture of each kid with a Santa hat on went inside the wreath circle. Then we added a ribbon for hanging it. The children get to wrap their own gift and make a tag. I always let them choose who they give it to. Usually it's mom or dad, but occasionally Cousin Bob or Sister Susie are the lucky recipients instead. 

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