Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fergus the Elf

I hear a lot of concern about the Elf on a Shelf. People are rightly worried, I suppose, that children should not only be good because an elf is watching them. Rest assured, our elf, Fergus, has just been hanging around for pure FUN these past few weeks. He wrote the boys and girls a note that said he needed a place to stay until Christmas. We are a fairly inclusive group, and we welcomed him into our classroom family. He doesn't go back to the North Pole every night, because he lives with us and is just supposed to hang out in his basket at night. Of course, he never listens to that idea and is always doing SOMETHING when we arrive at school.

When one student loudly accused, "It's YOU moving Fergus!!!!" I did not try to deny it. I simply responded with, "It's still a lot of fun. Would you like us to keep doing it?" He said yes, and we continue to do it.

So here's what little Fergus has been up to SO FAR this holiday season:

He built himself a thrown with the MagnaTiles. A bit full of yourself, eh there, Fergus? 

Another morning we found him sleeping in the tissue box.

Once he spent the whole night trying to work out our science experiment. He's checking what is in the bottle and asking, "Can it float?" OF COURSE, he didn't forget his safety eyewear. 

Sometimes he's not so studious and gets into a little mischief. 

Relaxing in a homemade hammock. This elf has the life. 

Everyday when we find Fergus, somebody has the job of "Elf Helper." That person simply documents on paper what Fergus is doing and then returns him to his basket home. We write some words with their illustration and add it to our book called, "Fergus the Elf."

Over Christmas vacation, I am sending home an elf cut out. Students may color & name their own elf. It is their job to keep a journal of what he/she does over the vacation and bring it back to share when January arrives. (Disclaimer: We NEVER do coloring sheets. That part is a rare occurrence).

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