Sunday, December 9, 2012

Grocery Store

In circle time we've been discussing goods and services a bit. So, during centers we've been playing with some goods. Our latest addition to the play environment is a store in the "bonus" center. The bonus center has already been a post office and a pet store/veterinarian office. I like the grocery store, because it's somewhere EVERY child in my class has always been and can personally relate to.

Usually I put a lot of thought into opportunity for literacy, both reading and writing. It's the busy Christmas season though, and I just quickly put out some grocery store props. They loved it anyway, of course. We brainstormed a list of jobs before we got started. They came up with "Register, Boss, Shopper, and Bagger." I added "shelver" in hopes to inspire putting things back on the shelves occasionally.

The aisle where you can find most things you'd like to buy.

The produce section. This trunk typically my light table, but closed up it serves great as a grocery display, as well.

The check out counter. I like having a cash register that is also a calculator so they can see the numbers when they press them. The check out is just a tall mirror flipped over and set on two crates.

No center is complete without a few dress up accessories- an apron, some purses, and grocery totes.

Fergus the elf even decided to stop by and do a bit of shopping. Of course, he made a list of things he wanted to buy. (Inspired a LITTLE bit of literacy... MAYBE??)

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