Friday, November 2, 2012

Pet Store

I'm lucky enough to have enough space in my room for a rotating themed center. It's interesting how these centers are extremely popular for a few weeks and then interest begins to wane. In the block center, which is just next to this, interest literally NEVER wanes. 

But today the pet store & vet clinic remain untouched, meaning that Monday morning it will undoubtedly be the most sought after space in the room. We'll read books about choosing pets and what veterinarians do. I'll model how to treat the animals and what roles there might be in this new center. I only have so much time to do that though, and largely the children will be left to figure out for themselves how these new things are to be used. Some of them will bring prior knowledge and share it with their friends. Some will know little and, hopefully, take cues from others, but possibly, just want to touch everything. 

Undoubtedly, it will not go just exactly as I had in mind. I may be disappointed. Or I may be overcome with how intrigued I am with their play. Until then the pet center sits waiting, waiting for some serious work to be done.

The pet store portion of the center houses the animals. Each one is labeled. I'm vaguely hoping to promote beginning letter sounds since all of them are different, with the exception of horse & hedgehog. 

If the veterinarian is busy with another patient, it  may be necessary to spend some time in the waiting room. Luckily, there are plenty of pet books and magazines for the reading pleasure of those patient enough to actually sit down. 

While waiting, there is always paperwork to be filled out. Circle your pet and indicate his or her ailment. This idea is not an original. I printed this awesome vet form from this blog:

The receptionist desk. Or the checkout counter. This could serve a duel purpose with the idea of a pet store or a vet's office. 

The receptionist may want to file any patient requests that are received in the vet clinic.  Of course, there may be zero interest in my filing system, but it was another great idea from ikatbag. 

 Animal pictures and words promote writing and literacy. In my mind the students will use these for helping them to write their animal's name on the patient form. 

Just thought I'd post this picture of a fish in a pretzel container that was donated by a student. It made me chuckle. 

The vet clinic gives the students a bit more to do than just a pet store. I pulled out most of the same things that will be used later in the year with my doctor center: a stethoscope, gloves, bandages, shots, etc. 

I have a pair of scrubs I got at the thrift store. The pants are drawstring and have been hemmed short. We took a large tuck in the top. They are great dress up for any healthcare professional that may be practicing in our K room. Also, my local hospital was kind enough to donate caps, shoe covers, gloves, and face masks, so we have a plethora of those. 

Can't wait for Monday! (Wait, it's the weekend? Never mind, I'll wait just fine!!) 

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