Friday, November 23, 2012

A "Better" Third Grade Classroom

Better Classrooms and Playgrounds is always looking for a classroom we consider better! In fact, our original blog idea was to go around finding great classrooms to feature, and we just haven't gotten around to that yet. The name of the blog was not meant to be about us!

That being said, this week we're featuring Susan, from NC, who has some awesome ideas in her third grade class. Being kindergarten teachers, we don't know a lot about third grade, but here are some things we think are pretty great about her classroom: 

"Synonym Pockets" 
In the writing center, students can always find another way to say an old boring word. Check the "good" pocket for awesome, amazing, great, wonderful, fantastic, excellent, etc! 

"Book Nook" 

Susan converted a unique bookshelf into a bench. Old milk crates are under it filed with books, and flowers, lamps, and pictures give the reading corner a homey look. 

Like us, Susan likes plants in her classroom. Her terrarium offers a whole environment with soil layers, rocks, plants, etc. 

 "Listening Center" 
These four bar stools came from Ikea. With a splitter, four kids can plug into a story here. You might notice, Susan adds an international flare to her classroom with African materials and world maps.

***Want to be featured? Email with your six best classroom ideas and pictures!  

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