Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Postal Project

I love special centers. I love having ideas in my head and scavenging for props that go with them. I love preparing the new center and making it just right. I love imagining how the kids will play there. And THIS year, I love SEEING them play there! Which, I admit, is a tribute to having a great group of kiddos.

I mentioned a couple of posts back that the writing center wasn't being used much,  and I turned it into a center for playing school for the time being. My plan had been to make a post office anyway, so this was a perfect time to promote a new writing area.

Rebekah's class and my own met up on a field trip a few days ago. (Our schools are about five miles apart). To plant the excitement of this trip, we began making cards for her students, as well as writing a class letter.

We were so excited to get our package of homemade cards and a class letter from our friends!

But I digress... the real story here is that our letter writing led to the post office center.

Of course, you can't pretend to work in a post office without the proper dress up:

And you need a lot of good supplies for writing and mailing. There were different tubs with envelopes, one cent stamps, note cards, and writing pads. 

It's important to address our letters. Most of us need help knowing how to spell our friend's names, so name cards are in the box. 

Ms. Rembert won't deliver any letters that don't have a stamp on them:

The mailbox gets pretty full sometimes by the end of the day:

Of course, somebody might want to send a package, and it MAY need to be delivered across the room on a cart. 

Much mail has been sent over the past two weeks. Many names have been written, and a "good time was had by all." 

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