Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sensory Fun!

Sand in the sensory table is an ever constant battle. The children love it, but it literally ends up everywhere. This year I've gotten really pumped about changing out the sensory center, and I've managed to avoid sand entirely so far. (Though, I promise, I WILL break it out eventually!) When my students play in the sensory center, they have access to a wide variety of tools. (Funnels, spoons, scoopers, turkey basters, tongs, measuring cups, strainers, etc.) Last year I found that they would leave all the toys IN the bin, and it was unsightly and crowded. This year we have seriously organized, and the children know that each item has a matching picture where it hangs. There are a few leftovers, and they go in the crate underneath the table. 

My wall of tools was actually created by my awesome Mom, whose original sensory tool display was featured on the cover of this book. Pretty great center their class had going on, eh? 
We started the year out with the insides of an old bean bag chair. I literally cut it open and dumped it into the table. They eventually lost their high static, and the kids loved them. I like starting the year with something very simple in the table and building up later to more messy things, once the children understand how to use the center. 

Our second round was when we played with water beads. We bought the dehydrated kind that come from the Dollar Tree for plants in vases. The kids loved watching them grow and then playing with them for several weeks after. "Slimy" is a whole new genre of fun. (Honestly, they started to smell after awhile!)

Our latest adventure was the fall sensory fall tub, which will probably get good use for at least another week. 

In the meantime, I've been adding pictures of the children to the documentation panel that was mounted on the blank wall above the sensory table after this picture was taken. More on the evolution of this fun center will come!


  1. I love your sensory wall idea. I am doing a short presentation on science inquiry. Do you mind if I share the picture and give you and your blog a shout out?
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