Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Science Center

I saw an idea on pinterest to refurbish a crib into a writing center. I had other ideas for my writing center, so instead I decided on a science/exploration area. The students rotate here for 15 minutes a week, but they can also go back and revisit the area anytime during free centers. I put different things in every week, so it is almost always popular. Often it's something as simple as rocks. Other times it may be a praying mantis egg case to watch hatch. The idea is that the students touch, hear, smell, experiment, etc. They write their observations down in our "observation notebook," and they share with the class what they've found. We usually have a mini lesson on Monday and Friday to discuss what's going on the the science center.

The science center is rarely this full- this was a demo Rebekah and I set up during a summer workshop.
You are looking at: books, notebook, owl, plastic bugs, wood pieces, rocks, magnifying glass containers with butterflies & bugs, a turtle shell, an ostrich egg, and safety goggles.

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