Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing with Fall

Whatever we are learning about, we usually play with it. This week... we've been playing with fall! I've been loving it, and it's made me realize that if I didn't stay late sometimes setting up projects, I would probably not love my job as much as I do. Because, it's during that peaceful time that I get really excited about my children discovering what I have planned for them in the days and weeks ahead. Luckily, what I've been loving, they've been loving, too!

Fall sensory tub:
-Beans of all kinds
-Clear plastic counting pumpkins
-Corn Kernels (from Indian cobs)
-Small Gourds
-Dollar Tree Leaves
-Fake Fall Plant (cut up from the Dollar Tree) 
Two students sorting all of the pumpkins out into a container. 

The Science Center: 
-Indian Corn
-Leaves on a sorting tray 
-Miniature pumpkins, gourds, etc.
-Books about fall, harvest, and trees
-Science tools for exploring (googles, magnifying glasses, pencils, notebook)
Invitation to explore fall. (all real items.. unlike the sensory bin!)

Indian Corn with tweezers: An invitation to remove the kernels and improve fine motor skills

Fall Playdough
-Pumpkin spice playdough (with pumpkin spice & orange food coloring)
-4 pie tins
-1 pie spatula
-2 pumpkin cookie cutters
-Pumpkin ice tray mold
-Playdough number stampers
-Clear plastic counting pumpkin
(Rolling pin and pizza cutter should definitely be added!)



  1. where did you get the pumpkins the 2 students are sorting?

  2. Dollar section at Target. They came in a small clear box. (I think they were $2.50).

    Thanks for dropping by the blog!