Friday, February 1, 2013

Give them what they want most!

I blog about my rotating themed center a lot. In school we call it the "Bonus Center." Since it changes all the time, it is the most obvious thing for me to write about. Of course, I try to change all of our centers a little here and there. That's how they stay interesting. I love the challenge of triggering interest in children when you realize they aren't playing in a certain area anymore, when, for some reason or another, the fun has just lost its edge. 

So the sandwich shop has been abandoned for a little while now. I have already have plans for this bonus center in a week or two, but I needed something in the interim. I had one of those "duh" moments when I was pondering how to find more space for more children to be able to participate in art. I realized that the bonus center can be anything it needs to be. It doesn't have to be a doctor's office or a restaurant, the whole nature of it is limitless. 

So, since so many of my little artists have been crestfallen lately to not get enough turns in the art center, I simply created another art space. It is not fancy, but it just has a couple of invitations for cutting and gluing. (a common passion among my students this month). 

Invitation to glue or stick various feathers, scraps, and buttons. 

Our mirror and crate table with some polar animal pictures for cutting and gluing. 

I put a few markers and crayons in the shelf cubbies, and that is all. 

My only fear was that nobody would want to go to the old art center... but they still did! 

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