Friday, February 1, 2013

Penguin Play

Since it's not very cold where we live, we like to talk about places that really are cold in the winter. The Antarctic is, of course, one of those places. 
With 23 students who are all interested in playing with this, I've been freezing a big block in a plastic container every day this week. I'll keep doing it for probably two more, until everybody has had all the fun they've wanted to have with ice blocks and penguins. 

A little blue food coloring in the ice and a bit of silver glitter makes the perfect penguin playground. 

Over in the science center we did some unphotographed experiments: "Does it slide on ice?" 
Penguin: Yes. 
Cotton Ball: No.
Felt Square: No.
Marble: Yes. 
Water Bead: Yes. 

I use the science standard "classify" for all it's worth. 

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